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Sofas & Suites

Burke’s Hardware & Furniture

We have an extensive range of quality sofas and suites available here at Burke’s Hardware & Furniture, which come in a variety of styles and fabrics. We have classic and contemporary designs available, with options suitable for living rooms, studies, play rooms, etc.
In order to stay ahead of emerging trends, we regularly update our stock with some of the latest sofa and suite designs available.

If you’re interested in viewing the full range of sofas and suites we have on offer, visit our store at 1 Ennis Rd., Leagard North in Miltown Malbay.


We have sofas and suites to suit all types of interiors. Contact us for more information.


Before choosing a new sofa or suite, we recommend making the following considerations:

Furniture Location – the location of your new sofa/suite will determine which size/shape is most appropriate. Before making your purchasing decision, you should have a clear idea of where the sofa/suite will sit.
Size – it is also important to consider the size of your new sofa/suite and whether it will fit nicely into your chosen location.
Shape – also tied to the location of the sofa/suite is the shape of the space it is going to be situated in.
Materials – Our sofas and suites are available in a variety of materials and we recommend researching which ones you like best to help with your purchasing decision.
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